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Balancing and Arena Changes: Update Notes

04 May 2018

Balancing and Arena Changes: Update Notes

We’ve got another small balancing patch which has just gone live today.  This includes not only a handful of small changes to Hero balancing, primarily focussed on improving the usability of some Heroes, but also has changes to arena rotation and two old arenas restored for Custom Games.


Read on for the notes on exactly what has changed.




Primary Weapon – Hidari & Migi

  • Normal (left mouse button) attack slightly adjusted to have less of an impact on accuracy.


Secondary Weapon – Katty Launcher

  • Slightly reduced knockback from the normal (left mouse button) attack.



Primary Weapon – Sonic Staff

  • Reduced delay before the alternate attack (right mouse button) is triggered.  This should make the Sonic Staff’s alternate function of detecting nearby foes and Devices feel more responsive.
  • Speed of projectiles for the normal attack (left mouse button) has been increased.  This should hopefully make the weapon more useful at medium range engagements. 


Secondary Weapon – Kobold Lamps

  • Damage against Heroes slightly increased from 25 to 27.


Active Ability – Heigh-ho!

  • Cooldown slightly reduced from 60 to 55 seconds.


Dream Genie

Primary Weapon – Hand of Nur

  • Adjusted timing for normal (left mouse button) attack to make it more responsive.
  • Adjusted timing of alternate (right mouse button) attack to make it more responsive.


Secondary Weapon – Ifrit’s Grudge

  • Adjusted timing of alternate (right mouse button) attack to make it more responsive.


Hero Block – Marid’s Boon

  • Base cost of Block reduced from 140 to 125.

    • 115 at Block level 2
    • 105 at Block level 4
    • 95 at Block level 6
    • 85 at Block level 8


Kreepy the Klown

Hero Block – Kreepy in the Box

  • Accuracy of the projectile increased.  It should be more likely to fire directly at the Hero it is targeting.



Speed Ball

  • Fixed an issue where damage was being reduced by 8 instead of 6.


Bags of Bullets

  • Increased extra ammo pool granted by Perk.

    • Level 1 from 10% to 15%
    • Level 2 from 15% to 20%
    • Level 3 from 20% to 25%



Earlier this month we opened up a survey to see what you thought of the different arenas available in Block N Load so that we could make changes to the rotation based on what you, the Block N Load community, thought about these arenas.


As a result, we’ve shifted around the arenas available by removing from rotation some that were low rated and replacing them with higher rated ones.  We’re planning on running similar surveys in the future to let us undertake further arena rotations.


Casual Mode – Standard Arenas

We’ve tried to keep the number of arenas in rotation the same for the time being; adding arenas that were highly rated in the survey to replace ones that were amongst the lowest rated of every arena in the game.


Arenas removed:

  • Phaeton Complex
  • Kreepy’s Circus
  • Cog’s Grog


Arenas added:

  • Stone Temple
  • Block Keep
  • Beach Bash


Casual Mode – New Player Arenas

These are arenas that are served to players who are new to Block N Load.  One key comment came through from the survey and other feedback; there were too many arenas for a new player to learn before they became a high enough level that they didn’t see them again. 


As such we’ve reduced the number of arenas available to new players slightly, as well as bringing back an older arena.


Arenas removed:

  • Duck and Cover
  • Up N Over
  • Parapet


Arenas added:

  • Build 101


Ranked Mode

We’re also making some slight changes to Ranked Mode to change things up a bit. 


Phaeton Complex is being removed for the time being, and replaced with Olympia.


Custom Games

We have restored a pair of older arenas and resolved the technical issues which prevented them from being played.  As such you can now find two more arenas available for Custom Games.  These will then be added to any further arena surveys.

  • Mount Olympus
  • Fun Factory


Additionally, any arenas removed from rotation remain available in Custom Games.


That’s all for now, look out for more changes to come.

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