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New Hero, New Blocks & Progression Rework

19 December 2017

New Hero, New Blocks & Progression Rework
It’s a bumper Block N Load update today, with a new hero, new blocks, an overhauled reward and progression system and a whole heck of a lot more.
Read on!


Bounty Blocks

First up, Bounty Blocks. These beauties are a new way to obtain the following Block N Load goodies:
  • Heroes
  • Hero Skins
  • Blocks
  • Block Skins
  • Block Dust, which allows you to upgrade blocks (more on that below). 
Bounty Blocks come in three tiers of rarity (Silver, Gold and Diamond), each giving you a better chance at rewards than the last.
You can get Silver Bounty Blocks simply by logging into the game. Open it up, enjoy, then check back once four hours have passed for another.  
You’ll also get a chance at earning Bounty Blocks for each match you play to completion, with a chance to get a rarer Bounty Block if you win. Play hard for the best rewards!
Finally, all three tiers of Bounty Block are available in the Shop. 


Block Progression

The refurbishment of Block N Load’s core systems continues, and this week we’re bringing you Block Progression. 
Every block in the game now has a level, and can be made more powerful by levelling them up with Block Dust.
Check out the Block section your Profile in-game, where you can browse all blocks available in the game, and find out how they’ll improve as you upgrade them. 



New Hero: Trondson

The Block N Load roster just got one bigger with the arrival of Trondson: biker dwarf and blue-collar hero. His tireless work ethic, no-nonsense (but effective) combat style and deft hand with all manner of digging gear make him a versatile choice for Blockheads everywhere. 
Digging Tool: ‘Vibro-Shovel’. This complex device cuts through rocks like butter, and is also perfect for building and deconstructing objectives. 
Primary Weapon: ‘Sonic Staff’. This trusty tool is useful in a number of situations, but Trondson mostly uses it for taking out enemies with ear-bursting blasts of sonic energy. He also uses its alternate function to briefly detect all enemies in the vicinity.
Secondary Weapon: ‘Kobold Lamps’. These enchanted light sources were meant to guide miners, but Trondson has a more direct application for them. When thrown, they’re pretty effective grenades. Alternatively, Trondson can use the alternate function to unleash the earth spirits in the lamps, and convert all blocks in the target area to stone.
Active Ability: ‘Heigh-Ho!’ For a time, Trondson and nearby teammates deal more damage when digging through blocks. 
Passive Ability: ‘Tunnel Rat’ Trondson moves more quickly when crouched compared to other heroes.
Trondson is available now in the Shop. 


New Blocks

There are three new blocks in game, just waiting to be incorporated into your devious strategies. Each of these can be used by any hero, but must first be unlocked from a Bounty Block.
Nuke Bomb
This Device Block does what it says on the tin. After a countdown, it explodes, causing devastation unmatched by any other bomb in the game. It can be destroyed with a tool while counting down. 
Foam Block
This Building Block is tough, durable, and particularly resistant to splash damage.
Poison Thorn Bush
This Building Block poisons enemies, while friendly players may pass through unharmed. 


New Skins

Complete 10 Block N Load matches between 19/12/17 – 02/01/17 and earn a free holiday skin: Lazy Holidays Nigel.  
While the Big Game Hunter’s putting his feet up and sipping on a glass of port, look out for these beauties too:
  • The Santa's Kreepy Helper skin for Kreepy the Clown is available in the Shop.
  • The Fashion Collier skin for Trondson is available in the Shop.
  • A skin for the Nuke Bomb Block can be found in Bounty Blocks.
  • A skin for the Large Bomb Block can be found in Bounty Blocks



Perk Removal

As part of the new progression system designed to improve the game’s balance, we have removed 13 Perks from the game, replacing them with 13 new ones. 
The following Perks have had to be removed:
  • Yury N Ice
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Deep Grav Wells
  • Djinn’s Bounty
  • Wasn’t Me
  • Lil’ Buddy Boost
  • Tiki Terror
  • Portal Party
  • What’s in the Box
  • Tesla Tough Guy
  • Sneaky Trapper
  • The Runs
  • C4 You Know It
These Perks have now been added to the in-game Shop:
  • Wider – Increases the radius of Tony’s “Better, Faster, Stronger” Active Ability to allow it a better chance of affecting team mates.
  • Hunter’s Sense – Increases the area affected by Nigel’s “Spot Prey” Active Ability, allowing it to detect more objects or Heroes.
  • Idoru – Increases the area affected by Kira’s J-Pop Star Active Ability, making it more likely to help out teammates.
  • Ball to the Wall – Increases Vander’s Ball Lighting ammunition pool.
  • Shadow Lizard – Increase the speed at which O.P. can climb walls.
  • No One Lives Forever – Increases the clip size and ammunition pool for Astarella’s P.P.P.
  • Static Disruption – Increases the time that devices are disabled by Sweet Science’s Active Ability.
  • Djinn’s Jinx – Increases the length of time that Dream Genie’s Active Ability lasts for.
  • It’s Alive! Alive! – Increases the healing provided by Doc Eliza’s Miracle Cure Active Ability.
  • Rolling Wild – Allows Roly Poly Fat Fat to move while her Active Ability is in use, but at a reduced rate.
  • Psycho Circus – Increases the duration of Kreepy’s Killer Klown Active Ability.
  • Yury ‘N Ice – Increases the radius of Yury’s Avalanche Active Ability to allow the snow to cover a wider area.
If you owned any of the Perks that have been removed, you will be reimbursed with the number of Gold Bars spent on those perks. 



In Other News

A matchmaking bug that could allow more than 10 players into a match, or matches with unbalanced team numbers, has been fixed. 



As always, we need every ounce of feedback you can chuck our way, so head on over to the forums and let us know what you think.
Have a great holiday, all. We’ll see you Blockin’ around the Christmas Tree.
The Block N Load Team

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