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Update 3.1

01 September 2016

Update 3.1

This update to comes with several improvements that are designed to make it easier to understand what is going on during a match as well as two new skins, a few bug fixes, and a slew of balancing changes to round out the new version.

New Skins

Steam Science


Sweet Science is a not-so-gentle gentleman inventor as well as a boxer. Using arcane secrets of invention makes steam power the go-to force for taking down his enemies.

Roly Poly Dive Dive


A pressurised hamster ball for exploring the depths of the ocean which also works remarkably well on land as well.  Cannons for fending off the mightiest beasts of the sea are equally as effective against Heroes.  It’s probably best not to ask what powers the boosters.

Kill Cam – Viewing Perks

If your Hero should be taken out by an enemy Hero then you will now see the Perks that Hero had equipped displayed whilst the kill cam is active.  This should hopefully start to give people a better idea of why the Hero that got them was moving quicker than expected or seemed to be shooting more accurately.

These will be displayed as icons at the bottom of the screen along with a short bit of information about the player and Hero.  Moving the mouse cursor over any of the Perk icons will display more information about the effects of that Perk.

Scoreboards – Viewing Squads

You will now be able to see which players are playing together in a squad.

When you bring up the scoreboard by pressing the “Tab” key during a match, or when you finish a game, you may find that there are small icons “I” or “II” in a circle next to some of the players.  These little icons display which players were in the first or the second squad on each team.

So, for example, if you were to see “I” next to three players on Team A, “I” next to two players on Team 1, and “II” next to another two players on Team 1 this would show that there was a squad of three people on Team A, and two squads of two people on Team 1.

New Reticules

Several Heroes have received new reticules for their weapons.

  • O.P. ‘Juan’ Shinobi has a new reticule for his Katana which shows the approximate area of the swing.
  • Sweet Science has new reticules for his Blitz Stance showing the area of the punches, and for his Graviton Stance showing where its punch and pull will affect.
  • Kreepy the Klown’s Extendo Gloves now have a reticule which shows the area of his melee attack.

For the full patch notes click here.

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