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Update 3.2

03 October 2016

Update 3.2

Block N Load version 3.2 introduces improvements to the Hero Selection screen including an icon that indicates which Heroes are on free rotation, hover-tips for all weapons and abilities and a team composition warning.  This is along with a number of balancing changes, fixes to bugs and tweaks to improve other areas of the game. 

Hero Selection

The Hero Selection screen before you enter into a match has had a number of changes made to it to try and make it more obvious if your team may be fielding too many or too few Heroes that fill a particular role, how the different Heroes weapons and abilities function, as well as more information about the setup of your team-mates Heroes.  

  • Any Heroes that are on free rotation now have an icon displayed to indicate this.
  • Small icons for the Perks equipped on each Hero are now displayed below the Block loadout for that Hero (along with hover-tips if you move your mouse over them).
  • Hover-tips have been added when you move your mouse cursor over the images of the Blocks another Hero has equipped.
  • Hover-tips have also been added to your own Heroes weapons and ability icons displayed when you are selecting the Hero.
  • A message appears at the top of the screen if the team composition seems to be completely missing a Role, or if there are significantly more Heroes of one Role selected than either of the others. 
  • In Casual Mode the “thumbs up” voting icon on has been moved next to the number of votes to allow more of the arena’s preview image to be seen.
  • Icons to display which players are in squads have been added to Hero Selection in a similar way to the in-game scoreboard.



A number of Heroes have had their weapons, abilities, and even some Perks tweaked and adjusted to set the Heroes more apart from each other.  Some Blocks have also been altered to try and make different loadouts more attractive.

Tony Turretto's Rivet Gun has been altered to try and make this shotgun-type weapon more vicious at close range, and less effective at very longer ranges.  Eliza's Miracle Cure is now more effective at healing and supporting her team, Kreepy the Klown's Bananas now explode quicker, Force Gates are now tougher, plus a range of other changes.


Click here to read the full patch notes.


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