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Update 3.3

02 November 2016

Update 3.3

The latest update to Block N Load brings with it some new changes to the way leaving matches works, added the option to equip more than one badge on to your player card, as well as a new way of setting which Perks and Blocks you would like to use on a Hero before you enter into the queue for a match.

Change Hero Loadout Before a Match

You can now set the Block, Skin, and Perk loadouts for your Heroes from the Profile menu instead of only being able to do so in the Hero selection screen when you are joining a match.

To change the loadout of a Hero:

  1. Go to the “Your Heroes” section of the “Profile” page in the menus.
  2. Select the Hero you would like to alter.
  3. Select the Skin you would like to use.
  4. Click on the “Edit” button below the Perks section and set the Perks you would like to use.
  5. Click on the “Edit” button below the Blocks and set the Blocks you would like to use when playing this Hero.

You can still override these settings in the lobby, as usual, to adapt to different scenarios, but these will then become the settings you take into subsequent matches unless you once again edit them in profile prior to your next match.

Match Quitting System

One comment we have seen a lot is that people are abandoning matches early and that this then encourages more members of the team to also quit out of the match.  We have now added a new system to hopefully discourage people from abandoning as many Casual matches.

The first time anyone abandons a Casual match they will receive a warning about this new system.

If anyone abandons too many Casual matches they will receive a second warning and an icon will be displayed in the lower-left of their main home screen.  This warning lets anyone receiving it know that they have abandoned a lot of matches compared to the number that has been completed.
If anyone continues to abandon further Casual matches after this point they will receive another message, and the icon on the home screen will change.  At this point, they will start earning less Gold and XP for each match until they successfully complete enough matches without quitting.

Player Card

We know that some players have unlocked a lot of different badges, but can only pick one to display at a time.  We’ve now made it possible to set up to 3 Badges on your Player Card for other players to see.

  1. Go to the “Emblems” section of the “Profile” page in the game menus.
  2. Click on the first badge you would like to equip and display on your Player Card
  3. Click on the second badge you would like to equip
  4. Click on the third badge you would like to equip
  5. Clicking on a fourth badge will remove the first badge you equipped before adding the new one to the Player Card.

We have also added a special badge to represent Jagex Staff & Players that are part of the Community Team (Community Representatives):


Community Representative

STAFF Icon_210px

Jagex Staff


Click here to read the full patch notes.


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