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Code of Conduct

Play Nicely

Teamwork is Awesome!

As soon as you press play and join a game lobby you become part of a team. Each member's contribution will directly influence the team's success in the upcoming battle. This starts with being open-minded when selecting your hero to give your team a strong, balanced set-up. Take it from us, not having a hero with radars or supply boxes makes victory much harder to achieve.

  • Co-ordinate with your team for a successful team composition.
  • Don't be afraid to try heroes you don't normally play.
  • Adapt your personal game plan to work with the team's overall goal.
  • If the cube is being attacked help your team to defend it.

Play fair, play hard

The core element we want you, our players, to have is fun. We've given you the playground and now the rest is down to you. We want to hear of epic battles, close matches, awesome bases and how you've triumphed in the arenas. This isn't, however, a passport for you to make other players experiences less than fun.

  • Don't rage quit. It doesn't help you or your team.
  • Don't cheat.
  • Don't go AFK, you can't do much when you're not playing.
  • The match isn't over till the last cube falls, victory can be swiped from the claws of defeat so don't give up.

Set a good example

You have the ability to turn a losing game around, you can empower and educate new players on your team and turn them into formidable opponents for your foes and in turn make new friends. You can be a bastion of the Block N Load community and be a member that others look up to. In order for that to happen you need to be a trailblazer, leading by example and treating others as you'd like to be yourself.

  • Set a positive example to your team and opponents alike.
  • A "GG WP" at the end of the match goes a long way.
  • If you enjoyed playing with someone send them a friend request.
  • A true gamer is modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

Talking is good, raging is bad

In a team game, communication is key. Talking tactics, sharing tips and getting to know your teammates is what it's all about. When talking to your team and opponents remember that you're here to make friends, not enemies. The main benefit of this is building up a healthy friends list that allows you to have a greater range of teammates available to play with and increasing your chance of a good game.

  • When possible always try to communicate with your team. You have typing and VOIP at your disposal!
  • Everyone has bad days, that isn't an excuse to take it out on other people.
  • We have a mute button and you can use it. Do not threaten, abuse or use offensive language with other players.
  • Friendly banter is fine, insulting others is not – choose your words wisely.

Share the wealth

Every game you play in Block N Load will increase your experience of the game's tactics and workings. You'll also pick up some unique strategies, base ideas and block combinations. The chances are you'll also come across players who haven't had the same level of experience as you. Help them and don't hinder them with unfair criticism.

  • Don't criticise someone for being new, offer them guidance and make them a formidable opponent for the enemy team.
  • Share your knowledge with your team, but don't force it on to them. They might have a plan you haven't seen before.
  • Just because you feel you have a good tactic it doesn't mean it's the only way to go about things.
  • Listen and take on board what others say - knowledge is power!

Broken the Code Of Conduct?

If you're unlucky enough to come across an individual that has broken the Code there are various ways you can choose to respond depending on the situation.

If someone is being persistent you can always mute both their VOIP & chat. You could try and turn their sentiment around, after all, a few kind words can sometimes help. Remember, getting their head back in the game only stands to benefit your chances of winning!

However, if the player in question has behaviour that falls into the report categories below you can file a report against them with our in-game system:

  • Team Killing/Griefing
    1. Maliciously causing damage to allies and their blocks as well as notifying the enemy team of friendly player/block positions.
  • Leaving/AFK
    1. Leaving the game mid-way, refusing to play during the match period.
  • Offensive behaviour/Bad language
    1. Abusing another player with the intent to cause upset. Includes use of severe language, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Harassment/ Real world threats
    1. Serious real world threats such as violence etc., giving out another player's personal information, bullying. This is extremely serious but also incredibly rare.
  • Cheating
    1. Actively using an in-game exploit in matchmaking or public custom games. Using or attempting to use a hack or cheat platform.

After selecting and completing the relevant report make sure you fill out the comments to give us insight into the situation. Next up is to take a breath, jump back in the queue and keep being awesome!