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This crumbling and overgrown fortress provides ample opportunities for Heroes to battle their way through it, even if they do end up accelerating its destruction. 


Thick fortress walls stand strong agianst the onslaught of the other side. One Base.

Wilson's Bay

Ten shipwrecked Heroes marooned on this island to continue their battles. Two Cubes and a Base.


A solitary bridge spans a vast expanse of water. Defend and attack over this in a double cube arena. Height advantage on this arena will support your actions but don’t be afraid to remove the roofs to falter any progress made by the enemy attacks.

Tiki Tower

Defending can be sacrificial, cut down bridges, dig, and prepare multiple defences on two cubes, in Tiki Tower! When the build phase ends the initial cube is located next door to your enemy’s so be prepared to engage in combat straight away.

Skull Block

Isolated islands fortify a formidable defence, hold strong and counter hard across no-man’s land towards Skull Block in this single cube arena

Lake House

Lake House presents an ornate island that resides within a large lake with a very distinct structure in the middle, With a mixture of close quarters combat inside the house that will spill out into the gardens for the final base in this One Cube and a Base setup.


It’s open season and you’re the prey. Controlling the battlefield will need true blockhead teamwork in this single cube arena. How long or fast will you and you’re team emit victorious in this centric fortification? So get building blockheads!

King of the Castle

Who will become the King of the Castle in this single cube arena? Two opposing forts are divided by a stretch of no-man’s land that can be traversed with the correct blocks very quickly. Tear down the walls and dethrone the enemies base with your best siege tactics.

Stone Temple

Return back time after time to this 3 objective arena, ransack ramparts, reduce ruins to rubble, brace for flanking fire as this Stone Temple holds its own every time. This arena will stretch you and your teams skill and knowledge to become the dominating force in this battle

Cog's Grog

Use all of the hidden paths to sabotage the enemies 'Cog's Grog' in this arenas nautical nonsense. This smugglers cove has many hidden caves and sneaky alternative routes, you’ll probably be climbing and swimming in this single cube arena.

Build 101

Bring your best blocks and finish the job that the other squads couldn't! This single cube arena establishes base building 101, what will be your best base to counter the most devious attacks thrown at you as soon as the build phase ends?