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Block Docks

The first port of call within Block N Load is ‘Block Docks’, abandoned warehouses surround this wharf, berths and piers support the handling of the large ships in this three objective nautical themed arena. Multiple routes traverse high and low across the battlefield, objectives seem to be relatively close together and will escalate fast under attack if your defence is not established during the initial build phase.


With high roofs overlooking your Base, setting up some spots to shoot down from can help your team to defend against incoming attacks. However, those snipers aren’t going to be able to shoot at foes that are underground so some more devious traps might be in order to keep your enemy at bay. Across the bridges and through the building separating the two Bases may be your quickest route but with your foes sure to defend here, finding an alternative may be key.


The narrow bridge linking the initial Cubes seems like the first route to try charging along. However, the opposing team is likely to have thought of this. With a large arena to explore, making use of the small islands could provide you with a sneaky alternative route. It might seem like there’s a mountain to climb to the final Base but digging and building can quickly create routes for the whole team to use on the way to the final objective.

The Causeway

At first glance this arena might seem like there is only one route from end to end.  However, with the opportunity for both sides to go underground, overground, and branch out to the towering columns either side alternative paths quickly start to appear.  With two points to defend against attacks both teams will need to quickly choose whether to split their defenses and create devious traps at both locations or to concentrate on one point.

Block Keep

The outer walls of these castles might only be made of wood but the inner structures which protect the Base are far stronger with stone and granite. Strategically placed traps can help to defend your own walls and explosives can help level those of the opposing side. Tunneling under the walls could create an alternative route for your team to avoid enemy defenses but this might leave a long climb upwards to the Base. 


An abundance of dirt and stone pillars dominate the terrain of this arena.  Will you use them to hide traps, as platforms to bridge your way across the arena, or cut them down for building materials?  With the fighting above ground sure to be fierce, tunneling under the battlefield could be a smart route to your opponent’s Base and likewise from theirs to yours.  Be sure to place Radars to counter this strategy.

Mountain Express

With buildings, mountains and caves this arena provides a variety of terrain to be fought over, under, and through. Charging in to take the Cubes quickly may seem like a good option but sometimes creating alternate routes works better. A heavy defense on the first Cube is a great idea, but failing to plant traps and defend the other Cubes and the Base early on can result in a fast defeat.

Coming soon

We will regularly switch the arenas, and we really want to know your favorites. We'll be running polls on this site and there are already voting buttons before every match starts - so you can get us your views easily! Which is your favorite?