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Tips & Tricks

Advanced Warfare

Building is AWESOME.

There are thousands of possible builds and base defenses you and your team can put in place during a single game - and each hero and every block contributes in different and important ways.

Here are just a few examples of how to get the best out of your games with some advanced tactics... 

The BlockBuster

The BlockBuster is a game changer! Four different variants of BlockBuster will drop into each match, every 15 minutes.

The longer the game goes on, the bigger boosts and buffs the Blockbuster provides. Focus your priority on securing the BlockBuster throughout each game you play in Block N Load to really turn the battle around.

It has a hard encasing shield which takes a bit of a beating to take down so break the shield, grab the BlockBuster, and secure it for your team!

Prepare your defences!

Cube defenses are critical. Stop the enemy taking them down! 

Here are a couple of advanced strategies to consider... This is The Dig Out. Dig out around your cube cube creating a very deep hole. Line the edges with hidden turrets and the floor with Land Mines, Miasma Mines, Caltrops - anything that'll damage the enemy while they struggle to reach your cube.

Forward Operating Bases

Respawn Pads change the tide of the battle. They allow Brawn heroes to create a location where team-mates can spawn to form part of a forward operating base so your team can get up close and personal with the enemy very quickly.

So what's the tip? Be sure to keep them hidden from view! The enemy can destroy your (expensive) Respawn Pads so hide them in tunnels, round the back of bases, high in the sky, in the side of a wall, anywhere that they won't be spotted.